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You are looking for professional images for you social media, you want to promote a product or you want to show your own creations, or simply you are looking for images that will illustrate a very specific idea you have in mind? I can help to create the pictures that you are looking for!
Don't hesitate to contact me so we can discuss about:
_  what kind of images you would like to have.
_  what is your style
_  where in Paris you would like to meet
_  how do you want to promote yourself or your product


Nowdays social media is super important. You deserve great images to stand out and make a good impression!
paris photo shoot
solo portrait in paris
solo portrait in paris
Let's fix the date and time of the day.
We can meet at your hotel, or in a restaurant you like a lot in the city, a Parisian café, or simply on the streets of one specific neighbourhood.
It can be a day or night photo session. Please contact for further information, specially concerning night sessions.
You can change outfits and book as many hours as you want! I come with you around the city!
paris photo shoot solo session
paris photo shoot portrait
paris photo shoot portrait

Book your private photo shoot in Paris!