How to plan your photo session in Paris

Before your photo shoot

Portátil y de café

Date + time

Please specify your preferred dates and starting times. Let's fix an appointment.

Shoot boda al aire libre


Choose how many locations you would like to include in your photo session, so we can organise your package.


What to bring

If you want to spice your photo session with props, or decorate the scenes, let's plan it in advance.

During the photo shoot



You can dress up for the occasion or just stay casual. Just be yourself. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable during the session. If you choose multiple locations and you would love to be on heels, bring some sandals just in case to be able to walk more easily between  shots.


Change outfits

You can change outfits only if you choose a session that last more than one hour. Otherwise it can take too long and we will have less time for taking pictures. You can do it in a café or we can also rent a Van. Bring a comfortable bag or suitcase to carry everything easily. Just bring what you really need.



Don't forget each season of the year have a different weather. It can get very cold in winter as it can very hot in summer. Come light, bring just what you need because we walk around the location to take different pictures, and to carry too much stuff can be a tedious work.


First photo shoot

You don't need to worry if you are camera shy of if it's your first photo shoot. I can guide during the session and give you some tips to feel comfortable. In any case, please le me know BEFORE the shoot, your desires, your wishes, your personal requests, so I can figure out what kind of photo shoot is more adequate to you.


Bad weather

We must keep in touch even a few hours before the session. In case of bad weather I will contact you reschedule our photo shoot according to your agenda and mine. In case we can not make it happen I will refund your money.


Little rain or little snow

Little rains can be an occasion for an empty Paris and exceptional light reflections. We still can get some beautiful pictures in the city, under your umbrella or in covered places like alleys, galleries, cafés... If you are motivated we can make it happen!


Running late

I understand that you can have some problems to arrive to our meeting point. Paris is a busy city. That said, just as you’d expect your photographer to arrive on time,I ask that you kindly arrive punctually as well. I  book multiple shoots per day and need to make sure that I'm available for my next booking. The maximum amount of time I contractually wait for you at the agreed meeting point is 20 minutes from your official starting time.  I can't always extend your photo coverage complimentary to account for the time lost due to your late arrival.


Selected images

If you have very specific images in your head that you would like to reproduce, please keep me informed before the shoot. I will guide you during the photo shoot with poses and proposing different locations. If you interrupt the photographer  each time you want to disagree, then we will be running out of time. All the matters have to be settled before the session.

After the photo shoot


You get around 25+  pictures per contracted hour. I select all the best shots. All pictures are watermark-free and will be masterfully edited and delivered to you in high resolution print-ready digital format.


A professional editing takes time. Every image is retouched individually.  I deliver the pictures 10 days after your session (not counting weekends). If you want to be delivered faster you need to pay an extra amount. Please contact me for further information.

Extra pictures

If you want to have more pictures that the ones you have received, or, if you want to have absolutely all the pictures of the session, it means extra work for me so you need to pay an extra amount as well. Please contact me for further information.


I will send you high resolution images in JPEG format, ready for print. You will receive your pictures by email, it's a link to download your images. It's better to download them in your computer (rather than in your smartphone) save them in a USB flash to take them to the print lab.

This is what I don't do:

* Change the appearance of people in the pictures. I don't make people thinner or taller or radically different of what they are in real life.

* Radically change the atmosphere of a picture : changing a day picture into a night picture, add no existing elements to the picture, etc. Contact me if you need further information.

This is not included but you may request for an additional fee.

* Correct your skin, little changes on your body shape.

* Deleting some elements that bothers you in the picture, additional corrections to the delivered pictures.

* A sample of black and whites pictures among your preferred.