Your Paris Photo Shoot is like a dream come true!

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couple photo shoot in Paris
Why book a photo session in Paris?
You are travelling to Paris very soon, that means you are about to spend some days in one of the most famous city in the world.  You can not live this magical city without having a photo session to remember your stay for the rest of your life!

As an experimented photographer I will help you to find the right places where to be photographed. 
Don't worry if you are not familiar with photo sessions, I'm here to make you feel comfortable, so you can reveal your personality in every picture.
Each love story is unique. And to visit Paris with this special person you are in love with, is simply priceless.
I'm here to catch your most romantic moments in the city of lights. Whether you need a photographer for an engagement photo session, or an anniversary, a pre-wedding session,or a honey moon photo session, I'm the person you are looking for.
couple photo shoot in Paris
Think about how many times you take holidays with all your family. Is not always easy to organise a trip where all the people you care the most are available at the very same moment. So now that you have decided to come to Paris, you need to book a photo session! You deserve stunning and vibrant pictures of all your family, so you can remember this unique moment for the rest of your life.
family photo shoot in Paris
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If you are visiting Paris with your friends, maybe to celebrate an special occasion, or just to have fun, don't forget to book a professional photographer to immortalize  those precious moments.
Book your photo session with I.LOVE.PARIS  so you and your friends can have nice memories that you will cherish forever!
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Paris is beautiful even when travelling alone.  I do Portraits for solo travellers, influencers and bloggers and more. Don't be shy, you will never regret to have a photo session in one of the most famous city of the entire world! Contact me for packaging, further information and prices. Let's plan your special photo shoot together!
solo portrait in Paris
solo portrait session in Paris
Daniel in Paris. Paris Photo session. Portrait
Warren in Paris. Paris Photo Session.
"She is amazing human being, we discussed lot of things which made my experience even better. She brought me the alleys/streets of Paris, which I would have overlooked at it. She guides you on different pose to capture the whole essence. I would definitely avail her experience tour again and recommend her. I look forward to see the final product. " Ravi from India.
"She was awesome. Helped with poses and made the session fun. We also had issues with the rain and she was very accommodating. If we go back to Paris would definitely look her up." Hayley from U.S.A.
"Lucia is a very nice and professional photographer and knows how you will look good. I felt comfortable immediately and had so much fun while shooting!! The pictures are really great. So happy that it all turned out the way I wanted it :). I even felt like a model. " Nadine from Germany.
"Lucia was great during the experience and provided good feedback and instruction during the session. The photos came out great and we are very pleased." Andrew from U.S.A.