Night Photo sessions in Paris

night photo shoot paris
We can also organise a photo shoot when the day is ending (late evening) or at night. The city of lights offers different places beautifully illuminated at night.
Paris in the morning is beautiful
Paris in the afternoon is charming
Paris in the evening is enchanting
But Paris after midnight … is magic!
After dark is a magical time to explore Paris, enjoying an after dinner walk by the Seine river or along cobblestone streets and to visit the beautifully lit up landmarks of Paris that shine in a different way against the night sky.
Please, take your time to consider these facts before booking a night photo session :)
_ It's is necessary to hire one or two assistants, because we use portable lights (or flashes) during night sessions, to have good lighting during the photo shoot.
_ We need to protect your belongings from thieves, our assistants will always keep a look on your stuff.
_ Set-ups can take a little bit longer since we need to control lighting at every location.
_ The logistics and organisation for a night session are not the same than for a day session.
Prices for night sessions are not the same that for day sessions. Please contact me for further information.
night photo session PARIS Louvre
But night sessions are also the occasion to share a super romantic moment with the person you love the most!
Paris is magical at night. The architecture, the city lights, everything offers a unique charm.
You can have fun with a range of illuminated accessories and props!
Brilliant privacy in many locations!
Priceless opportunity to get both daylight and night-time photos within a single hour!
eiffel tower night paris
eiffel tower paris by night
eiffel tower by night

Book your night photo shoot in Paris!