A surprise proposal on a sunny day!

Amir wrote me in april, a few months before their planned trip to Paris and asked me to assist him to capture his morning surprise proposal in Paris at the Eiffel Tower. He and his girlfriend Sanya love to come to Paris for holidays. They felt in love with the city since their first visit. Paris is for them, the city where they find themselves together, far from their daily preoccupations, and spend a romantic moment in peace. For Amir, it was the ideal place where to plan his surprise proposal.

When Amir contacted me, he explained to me he wanted to have an intimate photoshoot at the Eiffel Tower. As a professional Paris photographer, I always try to offer a service that best meets the expectations of the people I photograph. Therefore, I suggest him to meet early in the morning to avoid the crowds of tourists or travel groups. As an experienced photographer in Paris, I also explained to him that during summer time in Paris, you have a beautiful soft light in the mornings and that is when you get the best images. Amir loved the idea and we were goo to go.

Sanya knew that Amir had booked a Paris couple photo shoot. However, she wasn’t aware at all that he was going to propose. Actually, Amir wanted to start the session as a normal photo shoot, so Sanya couldn’t suspect anything. We started taking casual pictures. That morning the sky was beautiful, the weather was definitely by our side. Sanya was beautifully dressed and ready to shoot! In spite of all the challenges that life can bring, Amir and Sanya’s feelings did not wear off. At the time we met, they have been together for six years. However, their love was persistent and enduring: it remained vivid and we can see this on their pictures.

We started our photo shoot at Trocadero Gardens. After a few pictures in different locations at Trocadéro, we went back to the balcony, the place where we started. Sanya loved the view from the balcony; she said she could see the Eiffel Tower in all its splendour. Amir and I, we immediately understood that it was there, that he was going to propose. We arranged a signal so he could know exactly when they were in the right position for their romantic Paris proposal photos. He asked and Sanya said YES! She was very moved and very happy. The romantic surprise proposal went just as planned: we had the perfect background and the perfect light!

We took the time to take wonderful engagement pictures at the Eiffel Tower before heading to our second location: the Louvre Museum.

Afterwards, we took a taxi to the Louvre, Amir’s favourite museum in Paris. I managed to capture great romantic pictures of this lovely couple. As a professional Paris photographer, I helped them to feel comfortable in front of the camera and to find the best spots where to take incredible pictures. The glass pyramid is of course a must for every photo session at the Louvre, but I also wanted to show them the magical gardens that surround the museum. Sanya told me during the session, she had a passion for European gardens. She loved to visit the gardens of all the cities where she travelled. And when I asked her if she already visited the Tuileries Gardens, she said no. I knew I had to show her this beautiful garden that is just next to the Louvre Museum. And I was right. Sanya felt in love with this magnificent garden and she definitely wanted to have some couple pictures there.

Tuileries gardens are a very romantic place for pictures. And what’s more, you can have stunning images with the Louvre Museum in the background. At the time we did the photo shoot, the gardens were filled with beautiful flowers of all colours. We had a lot of fun during our photo shoot. I also showed to Amir and Sanya one of my favourite places of the gardens: there’s a spot where you can appreciate the incredible architecture of the Louvre Museum surrounded by a colonnade of beautiful trees. The couple loved the location! So we ended our photo shoot there, taking our last romantic pictures with a beautiful summer sun, witness of their pure love.

Paris will always be a unique place for Amir and Sanya: the city of lights is now the place where they got engaged! Furthermore, now they have beautiful pictures to tell their story to the rest of the world!

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