Proposal in Paris

surprise proposal in Paris

You have decided to ask the person you love to marry.

And you have decided that this special moment will be in Paris.

Here's some ideas and recommendations!

This is an unique moment in your lives and you want to plan every detail to make your surprise proposal unforgettable!

Planning every detail can be a little bit stressing and overwhelming, don't worry! I can help to plan step by step to plan everything: from the initial consultation over concept creation to documenting the actual Paris proposal masterfully.


Below I include a step by step guide on how we can create and organise everything you are dreaming on!

It's important you read all the list, so we can communicate easier and plan everything according to your wishes, without missing anything!

surprise proposal in Paris

                                I°) Let's start communicating


Paris is the most romantic city in the world. This makes it the perfect place for a surprise proposal. You may have a lot of ideas on your mind, you may have seen some images that inspire you and maybe, this is also you first time visiting the city! In others words: you have a lot of questions to ask! And you would like to have a good and active communication with your future photographer!

Perfect, this is the place to be! My first advice  would be to communicate by phone. Because it's easier for you and me to have our phone around (instead of our big computers) and it's also a device we carry all the time.

I use the app Whatsapp ( It's an easy app to make calls and text messages, it works only using internet connection (not necessary to pay an international call or message from your phone) and it allows to send all kind of media. This way I can send you pictures, videos, addresses on Google maps and all the necessary information you may need to plan your surprise proposal in Paris. You can download this app so we can start to communicate easier and faster before the big day arrives! It's much better than to communicate only thought emails. Using this app you can also call me (there's a face time option if you want to make a call like on Skype) or you can also send me vocal messages (faster if you don't have time to write your messages all the time).

If you don't want to download this app on your phone, you can also call me so we can start planning your surprise proposal. You have to keep in mind that we need to make an appointment (hour and day) for each of our calls according to our schedule and specially our time zone. I don't make international calls outside working time. You can call me between 9H00am and 5H30pm (French time zone) only from Monday to Friday.

Another option is of course by email. Please keep in mind that Paris photo shoot are very demanded. So I receive a lot of emails every day. I will always answer to each of your email, but not as faster as on Whatsapp.

This STEP is very important before starting to plan your surprise proposal! I'm would be very happy to help you and to advice in each of your decisions.

II°) When and where?


After we have started to communicate, you need to step up the day and the location of your surprise proposal.

According to the period of the year you choose (SUMMER- WINTER-...) the light and the weather won't be exactly the same!

So for example if you are coming to Paris in summer time, you will have a pleasant climate even late at night. We can meet before you take her to dinner for example! And maybe by chance have the Eiffel Tower lights in the background!

But if you come during winter time, the sun goes down from 4H00PM so it may be a good idea to meet in the morning instead. Also it's much more colder outside and you may don't want your girlfriend freezes outside while you are proposing to her.





surprise proposal in Paris

The location:


Where would you like to pop up the question in Paris?

You know the person you love, you know his/her expectations, his/her dreams, his/her secrets fantasies...

So you may have already a little idea on where will be the best place to do your surprise proposal.

Intimate place or a public space:

Either you choose to pop up the question on a intimate or private space (your hotel for example) or in a nice street in Paris, recording the moment it's absolutely the thing to do! You will always remember your surprise proposal through your pictures!





surprise proposal in Paris

Most of my clients want to have the Eiffel Tower in the background. There's many different options for that, depending on your availability and the type of event you would like to create. Here's some example:

A) Trocadéro Balcony

surprise proposal in Paris

Excellent choice if you are planning to do it the morning with an outstanding view of the Tower. Trocadéro Gardens get crowded in the afternoon, so the best is indeed to meet in the early morning. You have a nice balcony with a beautiful view.

Going for sunrise to see the Eiffel Tower, going to brunch, lunch or getting to the Eiffel Tower early are some common scenarios you can propose to your girlfriend so she doesn't suspect anything.

B) Seine River

surprise proposal in Paris

In the morning or in the afternoon, this place remains quite calm and intimate for a surprise proposal. During summer time however they may be some tourists around doing a picnic at late evening.

You have a beautiful view of the Eiffel Tower and the Seine River, and also a lot of place around if you want to set an entire decoration. Check below for more information!

C) Bir Hakeim Bridge

surprise proposal in Paris

Bir Hakeim Bridge offers a nice balcony where to pop up the question. The view of the Tower is gorgeous and it's also a good choice no matter what time of the day you decide to propose. The location is great for an evening proposal, before taking her to dinner.

Also, around the bridge there's many different place where we can take beautiful pictures.

D) Trocadéro Gardens


Trocadéro Gardens offers quite different places where you can do your surprise proposal. As we talked before, there's the balconies, but also you have the beautiful gardens.

There's also a wonderful fountain around, a carousel, different walkways... This place is perfect at sunrise or early morning. You get amazing pictures without tourists around.

E) A nice Parisian Street

parisian couple photo shoot

You can also pop up the question in a nice Parisian street, with the Eiffel Tower appearing a little bit. If your beloved likes Parisian streets or Parisian ambiance among all, this could be a perfect choice!

Once again to avoid the crowds, this option is better if it's settled in the morning.

F) Passerelle Debilly

surprise proposal in Paris

Passerelle Debilly is a pedestrian footbridge with a gorgeous view of the Eiffel Tower . It's architecture is more industrial and modern. It' a good option if you want to surprise your beloved with an original location in Paris.

It's better to meet here in the morning before the tourist arrive.

You can also create a wonderful decoration to impress your girl/your boy!

Musicians, flowers, candles, and more!

Make sure it’s personal, sincere, and the real you.

surprise proposal in paris

Ryan decided to impress his girlfriend with a late evening proposal. After having dinner at the Eiffel Tower restaurant, he took his girl to a walk along the Seine River.

And then: surprise! He covered her eyes to take her inside a beautiful heart of candles he had created on the floor.

Once they were inside the heart, her beautiful music started to play and he pop up the question!

It was an unique moment in their lives!

Here's more examples of amazing scenes created for a surprise proposal near the Eiffel Tower: dinner for two, musicians and much more!

surprise proposal in Paris
surprise proposal in Paris
surprise proposal in Paris
surprise proposal in paris

Paris is one of the most beautiful cities of the world. If you want something else than Eiffel Tower, several options are available to you! It all depends on the kind of ambiance you are looking for...

surprise proposal in Paris

Notre Dame Area

surprise proposal in Paris

A Parisian neighbourhood

surprise proposal in  Paris

Alexander Bridge

paris photo shoot couple

Seine River

These are only a few suggestions. You can always contact me if you need more information!

III) What kind of props or ambiance would you like to add?

Paris surprise proposal couple

You can add a little prop to surprise your partner: what would make him/her happy?

Flowers? Balloons? A violinist playing her favourite French song?

A bottle of Champaign to celebrate after she/he say yes?

Everything is possible!

Just contact me to know more about prices, locations, where and how to rent the props (or to buy), transportation, etc...

When it comes to Paris proposal ideas, simply let your creativity go wild, keeping in mind her/his personality and her/his dreams & expectations.

IV) How to organise your surprise.

Once you have decided on the concept and the place for your surprise proposal, you need to set up the surprise! We need to be in touch days before to plan on how are you going to bring your beloved to the location and specially on how are you going to start your surprise proposal.

Most of the time, people like to have a photographer hidden somewhere to take the pictures of the surprise proposal. Or the photographer can also pretend being another tourist among the people around and approach when you decided to start you proposal.

If you decide on a total surprise proposal in Paris, then the tips below will be helpful:





Come up with a signal together with your photographer. Identify him when you are in the spot and give him the signal when you are ready to go on your knee. He will take care of the rest. If there are people around, patiently wait for them to move.

Position toward the camera.

Position yourself so that the photographer is on one of your sides and the desired background on the other side. If necessary, slightly turn your girlfriend around to face the camera. This way we can capture her joy and her expressions.



When you have proposed, don’t turn immediately to the photographer. Instead, enjoy the moment, pick her up, kiss and celebrate. Some of the most precious Paris proposal photos are captured right after the proposal itself.

surprise proposal in Paris

V) The proposal moment.

_ Keep it a SECRET ! So it's totally a surprise for her/him.


_ TAKE YOUR TIME, the more relaxed you are the less she/he will suspect.      


_ Tell your proposal speech BEFORE going on your knee.     

_ TAKE ONE STEP BACK, allow for breathing space between the two of you.

_ Get the ring box out and go on your knee. Allow her/him to take a mental picture of you in that moment.


_ CONFIDENTLY to make her/him feel like she is the most desired woman/men on the world.


_ After she/he says YES, place the ring on her finger, pick your love up and have your first kiss as an engaged couple. A whimsical twirl is going to be a real addition for the photos.


surprise proposal in Paris

After your surprise proposal, it's time to celebrate!

surprise proposal in Paris