Props - accessories

You can let your imagination take over when it comes to choose props. Make sure they show your true personality, they fit very well to who you are and what you would like to show.

You can bring flowers, balloons, sunglasses, hats... Choose whatever is best for you and what you like the most. Don't choose something that doesn't correspond you just because you saw it in some pictures. This photo session is for you and the idea is to reveal the real you in one of the most iconic cities of the world.

Please consider that props can be bulky and may require a little additional planning if your shoot entails multiple locations. Props just dress the set, we don't want them to distract you or to make you feel uncomfortable.

ballons and eiffel tower paris

Some examples:

ballons and eiffel tower.
paris umbrella photo shoot
paris photo session girl glasses
paris couple photo session board
macarrons paris photo shoot
ballons paris photo session
flower eiffel tower photo
eiffel tower photo shoot girl
ladies in white paris photo session