Elegant photo shoot at Eiffel Tower

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

Heather and John’s photo shoot at the Eiffel Tower in Paris was a great moment for them to celebrate their love.

To be companions in love is to accept each other, to help each other to mature, to move forward hand in hand in life, and to feel filled with love. Heather and John represented that kind of achievement. They have been together for a while, standing by each other. When John planned a trip to visit Paris with her beloved wife, Heather, he realised it was a special occasion in their lives, and that it was important to capture beautiful memories.

He asked Heather where she would like to plan a photo shoot in Paris. Without hesitating, Heather answered “At the Eiffel Tower!” She wanted to have elegant pictures that they could hang on their walls once they get back to the USA. They contacted me to plan a photo shoot during summer time. As an experienced photographer, I know the best spots in Paris to take pictures with the Eiffel Tower. I recommended them Trocadero Gardens. Trocadero Gardens are a beautiful area where to take pictures with the most iconic monument in the city. Moreover, you can take pictures with different backgrounds and ambiances: there is the gardens, but also a beautiful fountain or elegant staircases. In every spot, you can have an incredible view of the Eiffel Tower.

Heather and John were very happy with my suggestion so we decide to go ahead with the Trocadero Gardens as our main location. The great thing in working with The Parisians Photographers is that, we all know what are the best hours to plan a perfect photo shoot in Paris. I know by experience that Trocadero Gardens is a popular spot for the tourists. Therefore, I suggested that we should plan our photo shoot very early in the morning to avoid the crowds. It is also very romantic for a couple to have a private and intimate photo shoot in Paris. Once again, Heather and John loved my idea so we met just a few minutes after the sunrise.

The weather was perfect: sunny and softly warm. As Heather and John wanted to have elegant pictures for their home, they choose to look classy and sophisticated. Heather decided also to wear her favourite Louboutin stilettos. She bought them in Paris; it was a perfect occasion to show them off!

I guided them all along our walk around the gardens, in order to offer them the best spots. I also suggested them some poses. As an experienced photographer, I can help you to try new poses and to create outstanding images. Heather loved the idea I gave to them, to kiss his husband as if there were in a dancing pose. It was the first time they tried that and she was thrilled with her picture! A wonderful memory that they will cherish forever! They loved to pose in front of the camera, and we can see this on the pictures. They liked to laugh together!

We were lucky that day, because the magnificent Fountain of the garden was running. Therefore, we took the opportunity to make a beautiful photo with the fountain and the Eiffel Tower. The image is splendid: we can see our two lovebirds, surrounded by a beautiful and elegant landscape.

When our photo shoot was almost at the end, I surprised this beautiful couple with a short walk along the Seine River. As a Parisian photographer, I know where to find incredible spots where to admire the Eiffel Tower, with no people around! I guided these two lovers to a nice area along the Seine River where we could take romantic photos with the Eiffel Tower in the background. They were very happy to discover a new spot.

It was definitely a lovely morning! Moreover, Heather and John loved their pictures!

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