Wedding vow renewal ceremony

A wedding vow renewal ceremony is a ceremony in which a married couple renew or reaffirm their marriage vows.

Aisha and Derek planned to travel to Paris to celebrate their vow renewal ceremony with a Paris officiant. When Aisha contacted me, she explained to me she wanted to organise her ceremony in a calm area in Paris where we could see the Eiffel Tower in the background. As their local Paris photographer, I recommend them an intimate location along the Seine River. The couple decided for Paris because they fell in love with the city years ago, when they came for the first time. Aisha loved the Eiffel Tower: she told it was her favourite location in Paris!

As an experimented Paris photographer, I know very well the city of Paris and I can recommend you hidden places, those tourists that tourists do not necessarily know. On the day Aisha explained to me her preferences, I knew for sure what location was going to be the best for her vow renewal ceremony. There is a nice area along the Seine River, which remains calm and peaceful almost all day long. This area has beautiful views of the Eiffel Tower.

It is possible that in the summer there will be a few more people in the afternoons. That is why I recommended Aisha and Derek to meet at early morning. At this moment of the day, you also have a beautiful soft light that is perfect for your pictures!

Aisha and Derek were celebrating their five years anniversary. They wanted to celebrate a new chapter in their lives as a couple: they were finally pregnant!

They bought new rings for the occasion and ordered a beautiful wooden box to keep their rings. They also have engraved their initials in their wooden box. It was a nice and romantic detail for the occasion.

Together with their Paris celebrant, we proposed them to add another romantic touch to their ceremony: We put some rose petals in the floor to decorate the scene. Aisha and Derek loved the idea!

During their vow renewal ceremony Aisha and Derek repeated once more their wedding vows to recommit to a life together and they exchange their new wedding rings. We had a beautiful sunrise and perfect sky that morning. Aisha and Derek were very moving with their speeches: the love they feel for each other was still present and strong.

A Paris vow renewal ceremony gives you the chance to reaffirm your commitment to your life partner in the most beautiful city in the world. Which is more, your pictures will help to immortalize this special moment.

We had an amazing time with Aisha and Derek. They shared with us the most important events of their life as a couple, as well as the ups and downs they have shared together side by side. Being a couple is not an easy task: it demands commitment, patience and perseverance.

At the end of the photo shoot, we also took the time to take some funny pictures. Aisha and Derek like to have fun and laugh together. They also ask me to take a picture to announce their pregnancy to their family and friends. A new adventure in their life is about to start: they are expecting their first grandchild!

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